Brian on the Issues

I'm a technocrat.  I believe it's healthy to rethink our views when we get new information.  But my political philosophy, my view of how to deal with the other members of the government, that's pretty simple.  It's based on three principles.   You can see what they are and why I think they're important here:

Principles I Bring To Washington

1. A Deal is a Deal

Government is about the deals we make with our countrymen.  If we can’t trust them to hold up both the letter and the spirit of the law, then our common faith in one another is damaged.  See how this principle comes into play below.  Then head to the issues page where you can see the principle's  impact on my thinking in these issues:

Funding Social Security

Making Polluters Pay for Pollution

Government and Private Pensions

Funding the Government

2. Rights Carry Responsibilities

A huge amount of trust is placed in the individual in this country.  That's because Americans fundamentally believe that power and authority should be left as local as possible.  Those things we call rights are the core expression of that idea.  There’s no right we enjoy that isn’t restricted in some other country.  In return we expect each other to carry the responsibility those rights bring.  We’re all expected to support equality under the law because our rights don't grant a license to abuse others or our system itself.  See how this principle comes into play below.  Then head to the issues page where you can see the principle's impact on my thinking in these issues:

Religious Freedom

Guns and Personal Defense


Innovation and Technology

3. Change is Coming

We live in a time of change.  The next great war will be won by the country whose cyber experts are able to shut down their enemy’s power grid before an attack.  The value of our education system will be determined by its ability to outpace job loss due to innovations in technology.  Immigration pressures will only increase as sea levels rise and droughts worsen.  See how this principal comes into play below.  Then head to the issues page where you can see the principle's impact on my thinking in these issues:





Why I'm Running for Congress

Brian Reynolds was born in New Brunswick and has lived in New Jersey all his life. The Red Bank area has been his home since 2001.  His career spans private industry and public advocacy and includes work for the Fortune 500 and small start-ups.  Constant work in the communications and revenue end of companies has not stopped Brian from dedicating time to causes he believes in.  He’s held board seats with TEDxNavesink and the New Jersey Sustainable Business Council and is an active member of the Conservative Caucus of Citizen’s Climate Lobby.

His consultancy Climate|Money|Policy works with the private sector to educate business leaders and boards of directors on climate-related risks to supply chains, customer behavior, infrastructure and business models.

Since 2014, he has made periodic trips to DC where he and others have pressed Senate and House legislators to pass bi-partisan laws to support the clean energy economy because it employs twice as many people as the coal industry.

In 2015, he received credentials at the United Nations where he works with small island nations helping them plan, adapt to, and advocate around issues of climate and sea level rise.

Brian lives in a modest home with his wife Kelly, son Lincoln and dog Opie.

Meet Brian

Proposals I've Made:


Pass a law requiring drug and medical device makers to issue their therapies to the US at a price which matches the lowest price they sell for globally.  We protect these companies with our laws and patents and are entitled to as good a deal as anyone else.

Democrats pull us Left.  Republicans pull us Right.

Leaders pull us together.

Higher Education:

Pass a law piloting an endowment for the best performing 150 community colleges which would allow them to operate off the proceeds of that endowment.  It would lower taxes and fees in the 4th district by $80 million annually, put downward pressure on education costs nationally and allow the schools to adapt to changes in the market and means test their students.

Pensions & Retirement:

Pass a laws requiring anyone issuing a pension (public, private, union, non-profit) to fund pensions on a pay-as-you-go basis just like they do a 401(k).  Reform bankruptcy laws so that pensioners and retirees go to the front of the line in bankruptcy court.  Prevent Social Security from investing in treasuries because it's immoral to ask people to pay off loans from their retirement program that they didn't authorize.

Climate & Infrastructure:

Pass a law requiring installing a fee on carbon emissions and rebate that fee entirely to American citizen households.  Require the SEC to actively police climate-risk disclosures.  Support an infrastructure plan that prioritizes flood/fire/drought/heat adaption and fully funds the flood insurance program and expands FEMA funding

Congresssional candidate Brian Reynolds with his wife Kelly and son Lincoln just following the congressional candidate forum hosted by the League of Women Voters on October 18th 2018.

Watch the Candidates Debate HERE

Thank You.

It's really quite a remarkable thing, running for office.  It's romantic and arrogant and hopeful and foolish, all at the same time.  If you're lucky, as I was, to have equally remarkable people around you to help then you're lucky indeed.

I'd especially like to thank Dee, Karen & Greg, Frank, Rick & Sissy, and all of the people who offered thoughts and feedback at different points in the process.

I'd like to thank all of the financial supporters who got behind the campaign, some from a great distance.

I'd like to thank my son Lincoln who sacrificed a great deal of play time with Daddy in order for me to work the phones and the pavement.  Kid, you lifted me in ways it will take decades for you to understand.

Most of all I'd like to thank my wife Kelly without whose support this would not have been possible.  Honey, I love you so much.


To those of you that voted for me I am deeply grateful.  I won't ever forget that you placed your trust in me.

It was a pleasure to do this work.  I'd encourage anyone to run for public office.  It grants you license to talk about America in a full-throated way that would otherwise seem hokey.  The awareness of that comes with a very special feeling I don't quite have the words to describe.  It's something like the feeling of wonder, and as an adult we have far too little of that.


Yours very respectfully and sincerely,

Brian Reynolds