Brian Reynolds, September 4 2018


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1. Without making any judgement at all on the President, it appears that one reason you may have been selected for this role is your past comments that a sitting President can't be forced to sit for a special council's deposition.  This contradicts existing Supreme Court precedent.  Will you commit to recusing yourself from any Supreme Court judgment on that topic until the present presidential term is over?

2. What is the "Internet"?

3. Privacy will undoubtedly be one of the critical issues of the century.  After a lifetime in law and many years on the bench, is it your understanding that the right to privacy falls under the 9th Amendment?

4. What is a "Market"?

5. It appears clear that science will continue to push back the date of "viability" of an embryo.  This means that in time it is likely that (under the viability standard) the state would have an interest in the health of a fertilized egg which isn't even in the body of a mother.  Does it make sense to continue to tie the state interest with viability or must another standard emerge?  When is that standard are religious one?

6. When is the free exercise of religion NOT a free exercise of speech?

7. Science advances far faster than the law.  When science-based evidence emerges to contradict the underpinnings of a past judicial ruling or law, should that constitute grounds to overturn the ruling or the law?

8. What is "Ownership"?

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Brian Reynolds

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