Brian Reynolds, October 9 2018

My problem with Kavanaugh has nothing to do with Kavanaugh.

I don't know what Brett Kavanaugh did or didn't do.  But there are three things I do know.

1. President Trump produced a list of judges all cleared by the deeply conservative Heritage Society from which he said he would pick his supreme court judges.  That list has people on it that any conservative would feel comfortable with.  To be clear, there's no lack qualified, deeply conservative people to fill the Kennedy seat.  Just months ago Neil Gorsuch got through with very little fuss and garnered several Democratic votes.

2. The GOP has persistently, doggedly, and unapologetically refused to consider the possibility that Kavanaugh should be looked at more critically.  At every opportunity committee chairman Chuck Grassley has attempted to accelerate these hearings.   At every opportunity he has declined to look deeper at this candidate.  At every opportunity the GOP has attempted to dismiss, silence, or downplay the significance of Kavanaugh's accusers despite their many pieces of corroborating testimony and despite contemporaneous accounts.

3.  This is the perfect example of lowering the bar to suit the needs of your party.  There's no question that Kavanaugh could be replaced by an equally well qualified conservative.  There's no question that Republicans could use a second pick to rev-up voters right in front of the election.  And yet there's no question that wether or not this nomination fails it will go kicking and screaming and doing damage to our system the whole way.  The reason for that is that Republicans are more interested in getting a win than they are in representing the American people.

I go out every day and knock on your doors.  This is exactly the kind of choice you're telling me you can't stand any longer.  This is exactly the kind of betrayal you feel.  This is an extreme and loathsome example of a party choosing itself over the country and it's why I'm running for congress.

Written by

Brian Reynolds


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