Brian Reynolds, September 4 2018

Your neighbors are good people.

More than half of my time is spent knocking on doors. It's been hot and physically miserable work this summer but it's BY FAR the best part of running for office. Plenty of the time people aren't home. Many are the times you walk through a spiderweb or run out of water. But on balance, people are great. Your neighbors are good people.

It's a funny thing. I knock and tell people why I'm there to introduce myself and almost universally I get a stunned, bemused look. One thing I say almost every time is, "Look I believe that if you want this job you should be decent enough to show up for the job and talk to the people whose vote you're looking for."

I take it as a point of pride that I've been able to talk to so many people so far. I think anyone that isn't out there knocking on doors doesn't deserve to win. There's a good chance that I'll visit 40,000 of you at your homes by Election Day. A few more, a few less, but something like that. It's been reaffirming for me as an independent. Pretty quickly people blurt out a gruff, "Democrat or Republican?" It's clear the question would normally be followed by, "You have my vote" or "Get off my porch." What I've found is that the phrase "I'm an Independent and always have been," is disarming. It short circuits all of the pre-concieved responses people have ready for the other team. Not belonging to a party been absolutely invaluable for connecting with people that wouldn't have given me the time of day if I had a "D" or an "R" next to my name.

There are definitely things that I don't agree with some voters about, things I'll never agree with them about. But it's always civil, always neighborly, and always ends with smiles and a handshake. I think that people are willing to give me the benefit of the doubt because I'm willing to show up.

I want to do this job. I like doing the work. When you send me to Washington you can expect me to keep coming back to walk our neighborhoods and knock on your doors. I just love it.

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Brian Reynolds

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